Allah, sh0w us the right path~

185- Grow Through It

Last night I found ‘them’ on the edge of hell,

Staring on me, up and down,

Smiling cynicly, like all is well,

Blocking my breath, stealing my strength,

Urggh, please leave me,

I’m not from the world of yours, darkness! 


This morning I found myself on my bed lonely,

Feeling uneasy, empty, and almost crazy,

The sunshine means nothing when you wake,

To no more ability in you,

Unable to pray, talk, and walk,

Inability of eat, read, and greet!


Now I find myself down the earth,

Bowing to one God,

Ask His forgiveness for I’m helpless.


I know,

If we follow the Allah’s touch,

Plus being realistic and optimistic,

Everything will be fine, great, and fantastic!


~Somebody is leaving because Allah's help is coming~


O Allah, we are useless without You beside us,

But we know that we have to go through the bad times,

To get to the good ones!