Allah, sh0w us the right path~

173- Help Me

on January 7, 2011

Allah, show us the right path, struggle during the present, learn from the past, prepare for the future~

Wake me

For I am in a dream

For so many years

Another wish

Other wishes

But now I must torn the pretension


Poke me

For now I am alive

Inspire me with strength

To help me survive

I have been child-like

I have broken million hearts

When I easily give up on lives


Touch me

For now I am here

In a special place

That is called near

To make everyone clear

The best is Allah’s bless


Love me

For I will cherish you

Direct the path and life follows

Full with another great view

Towards Allah’s pleased


Guide me

To the one high above

The passageway to perfection

Disguised as the spiritual dove

Looking for inspirations

Seeking for His true love


Believe me

Success is not a destination

For it is only a journey

Facing lots of question

So we can choose to learn

Or dare to run quickly!~


8 responses to “173- Help Me

  1. nurazizah3 says:

    suke3~ 🙂

  2. afifahazam says:


    sila3~ 😉

  3. ummah says:

    Subhanallah, rarely I see a great poem with clear meaning like this.

    High class english.

  4. afifahazam says:


    m0ga ad manfaat~

  5. awedonde says:

    incik es u…ebat BI..jelez

  6. afifahazam says:


    encik bendahari, hebat bahasa arab dan banyak lagi perkara, terbaek!~

  7. awedonde says:

    mujja…cmne tips nak ebat BI?

  8. afifahazam says:


    ahhaa, tu kena tanya org yang hebat BI lah~
    tp ad org pernah kata b0leh hebat if kt baca, tulis, betulkan bila salah, cuba cakap,
    sama je dgn tips nak hebat BA k0t~

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