Allah, sh0w us the right path~

169- I Love Them For Them

on December 22, 2010

Banglang said, “We are now at Bukit Antarabangsa, special gathering for Emak’s birthday and their anniversary.” Ahha, again, without me, and only me, uurrrgggh.

“Don’t forget to send us your homework ya! Huhu,” they remind me.


Here we go, I have done my homework properly, for Emak’s birthday 😉 scroll down, and down, and down, and down, huuu~~

10 Things Why I Love Emak :

1- …..

2- …..

3- …..

4- …..

5- …..

6- …..

7- …..

8- …..

9- …..

10- …..

Huh, undescribable!~

Honestly, I don’t know what is the best answer and which one is accurate. I do ask the others for their opinion but then, speechless. Whatever it is, one the most precious thing in my life that had been bestowed by Allah is EMAK. You are everything to me and to us too. You are smaller than us as I am the tallest among the girls in our family, huhu [tetap agak berlagak macam dulu-dulu, saje je, heee~ :p].

You look so fair with a pair of dark brown eyes, pointed nose, curved lovely mouth, tiny face, wearing spectacles and also when you always put jubah or baju kurung in your appearance. You are completely gentle, generous, and loving. You never speaks out any harsh words, even a word and that is why I hate anyone who speak out harsh words easily from their mouth, huh!~

You stress on us to accept anything happens on us, they are from Allah and as His servant, we can only plan and manage for something to happen; nahnu fi tafkir allahu fi tadbir. You always remind me,”Rindu itu anugerah Allah, pengikat hati, tanda sayang…Kalau dah buat keputusan, terus melangkah ke hadapan, jangan pandang kiri dan kanan lagi!

Everytime we shake your hand, you will kiss our cheeks both and touch our head lovely. Deep in our heart, we love that moment very much. Everynight when we sleep comfortly, you will wake up and look after us, just to make sure that there won’t be any mosquitos disturb us. You shelter us from harm and cold with thick blanket and you do this until now, even all of us has grown up. The truth is, you are our ‘reminder’ too, hehe. SMS all of us to wish everyone’s birthday, fasting, improve our Ibadah towards Allah, and every single thing.

I hope I will go before you as I am scared if I can’t take care of you like you did. If I could wish for one thing, I take the smile that you bring as I wish to see your smile for the rest of my life!~

A simple poem for Emak :

You are my friend,

absolutely my companion too,

through good times and bad,

my friend and also my buddy,

through happy and sad,

beside me you stand,

beside me you walk,

you are there to listen,

you are there to talk,

with happiness and with smile,

with pain and with tears,

I know you will be there,

throughout the years.

Thank you Mak!~

Love; Achik Ifah.


~~Happy 31st Anniversary to Emak and Abah; 11 childrens, 3 decades, 1 love~~



2 responses to “169- I Love Them For Them

  1. Kak ReM says:

    salam… achik… =)
    semoga sihat sentiasa…
    hehe (dah lame nak tanye)… achik, takde ke shoutout box kat tepi? mcm susah skt nk komen… =P (sorry)
    dah cuba ‘game’ akak? hihi…

  2. afifahazam says:

    Kak ReM;

    wslm wbrkth dear sis,
    alhamdulillah, m0ga akak pun sht2 je tau 😉
    w0rdpress nye sh0utb0x tak smart n practical sgt mcm bl0gsp0t, huhu
    tp nnt achik try buat ea
    kal0 kat bl0g achik yang http://afifahazam.blogspot.com tu br ad sh0utb0x, heee~
    belum cuba ‘game’ tersebut, adeh!~ 😉

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