Allah, sh0w us the right path~

165- I Am Needy

on December 15, 2010

Between me and Him,

Sakinatul Wafa’,

Read, Think, Act!~

When the sun is too bright,

I ask some wind.

When the wind is too tight,

I ask some tureen.


O Allah, forgive us when we whine.


The weirdest thing happened the other morning,


I woke up with tears in my eyes,

And one rolling down my cheek,

Not the common tears.

And I knew,

I must have been dreaming of them again,


I don’t need anyone,

Nor anything in life,

But Allah!


hayati kulluha lillah~


4 responses to “165- I Am Needy

  1. Khair_Jiha says:

    Nice…~ (^^,
    bantu agama allah,allah akan bantu kita..Insyaallah..

  2. afifahazam says:


    insha allah 🙂

  3. nice post,ifah!
    Thnks for da sharing..:)

    ~Glory Be To Allah~

  4. afifahazam says:

    sara maimun aqsha;

    m0st welc0me dear, miss u much!~ 🙂

    ~Praise Be To Allah~

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