Allah, sh0w us the right path~

164- Proud To Be Muslim

on December 11, 2010


Have Faith In Allah~

We are Muslims the things we say,

in each and everything we do everyday.

We are Muslims and this we know,

We need to read so that our mind will grow.

When we start something,

we say Bismillah.

When we done with it,

we say Alhamdulillah.

We call ourselves as Muslims,

but do we act like one?

We are Muslims today, tomorrow, and forever,

But do we really act like we should be?

O Allah, faghfirlana!

Gathering of Umah Nenas, Umah Honeydew, Umah Banana

Binafsha, We eat, We share, We pray!~


4 responses to “164- Proud To Be Muslim

  1. al-huda says:

    dan kita mulia kerana islam..
    jom sama2 berusaha jadi individu muslim yg se-benar2

    let be izzah as a muslim n mu’min 😉
    may Allah bless us past,present n ever~

  2. afifahazam says:


    ameen, ameen, ameen 🙂
    insha allah dear sis~~

  3. i call myself a musleem,
    but do i act like one?

    *muhasabah diri*towards khalifah najah*full time musleem*

  4. afifahazam says:



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