Allah, sh0w us the right path~

131- A Complaint

on March 27, 2010

Kakak told me that this is Abah’s complaint about his 7th daughter after I met him last month in Egypt :

“Everything is YES, she never said NO or I CAN’T for anything!”

Actually, he is getting worried when I keep on doing something with my laptop, thinking about my BPP’s team 24 hours eventough I am off to Egypt for a month, asking lots of question about how to do this, how to settle this up, then also accepting any jobs and responsibilities without whining. Am I?

By the way, my name is ‘Afifah Binti Azam, right? So, as one of Azam’s daughter, till the end I won’t stop trying to help others, to work hard for each and everything, to force myself being a better Muslim, to share my toughts and opinions, and to remind one another as this is what I learned from him, from my beloved Abah.

Dearest Abah,

Your love is a wall; steady and strong,

Lean on it and I never go wrong,

You may be tired from working all day,

But you treat us well with your own way.

~Thank you for presenting me a mirror of inspiration~


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